Lisa Chadsey
and Catie Pfeiffer
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Lisa and Catie are passionate about sharing the benefits of light therapy after struggling with their own health issues. Their goal is to help people experience the same freedom and hope they felt after discovering a safe alternative to conventional treatments.


Before Lisa became a believer in the healing capabilities of light therapy, she was stuck in feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, depression, sleepless nights and intestinal hell. She was taking 27 pills a day and was still sick. Lisa knew going back to the doctor would result in additional medications with negative side effects. After
a fall that severely sprained her ankle and knocked her out she tried light therapy (she has mad skills hurting herself!). After one session the pain and swelling in her ankle was gone, and she felt like the depression had lifted. After using the lights for 3 months, Lisa was able to discontinue all her medications. She immediately wanted to learn how, what, and why light therapy works, she wanted to share this modality with everyone! Long story short, Lisa’s intestinal health improved and depression and anxiety are in the past. During this journey, she became a Certified Light Therapist and is passionate about educating people about how to take control of their health. 


Catie suffered from chronic pain after being diagnosed with Lupus and 5 bulging/torn discs in 2010. She was told by doctors she needed 4 discs replaced and was on 13 medications, along with surgery every 3-6 months to kill the nerves in her spine. She was unable to accomplish routine daily tasks and was forced to go on disability. Catie started using light therapy while searching for an alternative to disc replacement surgery, after conventional medicine failed to improve her worsening symptoms. After using light therapy for 2 months, she was able to stop taking all medications, including high doses of opioids and sleeping pills, which she had been taking for 20 years. She uses light therapy daily to manage her conditions and feels better than she has in years. After the lights gave Catie her life back, she decided to become a Certified Light Therapist. Catie is passionate about helping people live life to the fullest, free from pain and the dangerous side effects of addictive medications.

About Lisa & Catie

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